The breakdown of a relationship can be extremely difficult and may also have an emotional effect on any children involved.  At Pickford Solicitors we are proud to offer a knowledgeable, proactive and sensitive approach to solving disputes concerning children and their upbringing. 

Separating from the parent of your child can be a very upsetting experience.  In this regard, we will work with you to explore all possible avenues so that you can continue effective co-parenting. 

In such circumstances the welfare of the children is always considered first in any decisions being made for them. It is the child’s right to have an ongoing relationship with both parents.  

It is compulsory for parents to attend mediation in relation to child arrangements before being able to submit an application to Court.  This is essentially a mandatory exploration to see whether mediation is appropriate and workable for your family, the idea being that litigation might be avoided for your family where possible.  There are only certain circumstances where this step of the process can be avoided. If mediation is however, unsuccessful for whatever reason then this inability to reach a decision will prompt parents to apply to the Court to make a decision.

We are experts in negotiating arrangements for children where necessary and in making relevant applications to the Court to decide the arrangements for the children. We will advise on arrangements that may best suit the family.  

Should an emergency situation arise and you feel immediate action is needed then we are available to listen to your situation and provide the appropriate advice.