Jennifer is a specialist family solicitor, with significant experience in resolving family related issues. Having dealt with divorce, financial settlement, co-habitation and cases involving children, Jennifer understands the emotions often experienced following the breakdown of a relationship. 

A break up is often stressful, and emotions run high.  It can be difficult to see a brighter future. Remember, beyond these raw feelings, moving on with your life and a positive future is desirable and achievable.  Having the right legal support is essential to help you plan and achieve the best solution in the quickest way possible. 

Whilst it is common for your judgement to be clouded during these difficult times, it is important that you make the right decisions, starting with choosing your solicitor.

Jennifer has seen much success and prides herself on highly effective negotiation skills.  She offers a personal and time efficient service and is known for her sensitive and down to earth approach. This approach allows Jennifer to get the best possible result for her clients.

Jennifer Specialises in:

If you would like to speak to Jennifer, call her on 0121 726 4999 or contact her by email