Tony's Guide To Buying A House

Tony's Guide To Buying A House

1. Things to consider

There are many factors to consider when moving to a new house. Practicalities such as arranging removals, defrosting your freezer, enrolling children at a new school and notifying utility companies. You’ll also need an expert conveyancing solicitor who will deal with the legal process efficiently and effectively so that there are no surprises. 

2. Expertise

Make sure your solicitor specialises in residential property matters! It is important that your solicitor has the technical legal skills and experience that is required to get you moved in. 

 3. Communication is Key

Make sure your solicitor speaks your language and can explain the jargon and is accessible by phone and email. 

4. Cheapest isn't always best!

Buying a house is one of the biggest financial purchases of your life! Speaking with different solicitors for quotes isn't a bad idea but the cheapest isn't always best. Invest in your solicitor as you intend to invest in your home. 

5. Estate Agents – Our Closest Friends

Make sure your solicitor communicates and respects the estate agent involved. The estate agent will be your right-hand person and will help you raise any difficult or awkward questions with the seller.

6.  Mortgages

Ensure you have your mortgage in principle ready, before actively looking for a property. This will help speed up the legal process and will reduce the risk of delay!

7. Property Searches

When buying a house, there are a range of searches a solicitor can carry out on your behalf. They can include but are not limited to:  a Local Authority Search; a Water and Drainage Search and; an Environmental Search. Make your solicitor explains each search and advises you of there differences and what the results mean. 

8. Speak Up

Make sure you ask questions! No questions are silly! You are paying your solicitor to answer questions, don’t be intimidated to ask!

9. What are you buying? 

Make sure you are buying what you think you are buying! Your solicitor will give you a document known as a “title plan”. This will show you the full outline of the property you are buying – the boundary usually being marked red! Visit the property to satisfy yourself that the title plan matches the physical position at the property. This is the only thing your solicitor can't do for you. 

10. Feedback

If you have any concerns about the solicitor you are using, you should raise this with his/her and their head of department. On the other hand remember, if your solicitor has done a good job, why not leave them positive feedback. 

If I can help you move home, call me on 0121 726 4999 or email me at

If you are looking for a conveyancing quote, visit our residential property page to access a quick and free fixed fee quotation. 

One Year Later


One Year Later

Ambition … 

What an incredible first year in business! We can hardly catch our breath, it’s flown past so quickly. 

Pickford Solicitors started as a niche commercial law firm with a healthcare specialism. We understood that these sectors are highly regulated and in need of legal support from solicitors with a high degree of specialist knowledge. Our Corporate and Commercial Department led by Jas Singh, assisted by Nisha Bharadwa and Naresh Gill, not only understood this, but stood up, stepped in and assisted dozens of owner managed businesses… 

Cue the applause…

The team completed over 40 transactions with an aggregate value of more than £50 million. Our average transaction value was an amazing £1.25 million. A large percentage of these deals were made up of nurseries, pharmacies, domiciliary care agencies, care homes and dental practices. WOW! 

The 6 months ramp up…

We knew from the beginning we would acquire, or develop other services such as Residential Conveyancing, Family Law and Wills and Probate and with the financial investment from our shareholders, Pillbox Capital, we were able to start our journey into the world of residential conveyancing…

Anthony Lea joined us in September, to lead the development of the department and get us over some tough hurdles. In January this year we jumped our first as we received the Conveyancing Quality Scheme Accreditation. Tony soon tackled the second hurdle as he made his way through bank panel applications! 

In March, Tony was joined by Amdad Hussain in readiness for the conveyancing enquiries to overflow our inboxes…   

Throughout March and April, Tony, alongside Sinead, the business manager, actively marketed through our website and social media and developed relationships with Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Accountants.

The phones rang, the emails flooded in, our conveyancing system exploded and by June we had reached an impressive 42 active conveyancing files. GO TEAM! 

We don’t do things by halves… EVER

We understand the importance of achieving quality standards within the business. Best practice and customer service are two of our brand values, so it was a huge milestone for us when we achieved (with a clean sweep) the Law Society’s leading accreditation, Lexcel. What an Achievement! 


We celebrated our first 12-month milestone, with personalised cupcakes, pizza and prosecco and were joined by many local businesses who have worked with us over the last 12 months. We thank each and everyone one of them for their contribution to our success. No matter how big or small it may have been!

Growth and Expansion

We have flown into our second year, leaving nothing behind. The directors, management team and staff are still as dedicated and motivated as they were in the first year and this is the main reason for our continued success.  

For the corporate team to continue at full speed ahead, they require an ambitious corporate solicitor to join their ranks. This person will work alongside Jas Singh with existing transactions and to assist the development of our Transaction Manager Naresh Gill, as he works towards his training contract. 

Our second year will also see our corporate and commercial team expand, as we welcome the full arrival of Barry Guest, our non-executive director. Barry has a wealth of managerial experience as well as being a commercial property expert. 

Our search for another experienced commercial property solicitor will continue, their role will be to assist with an existing workload and help market and develop the commercial property department in its own right.    

The residential conveyancing team seek an experienced secretary to join our fast-growing department. This person will assist Tony and Amdad with administrative duties, which will assist the department’s continued growth and track record of providing exceptional customer service. 

NEW DEPARTMENT: This year the business excitedly expands its private client services, as it welcomes a senior family solicitor. She will lead the development of the department and work alongside Sinead, to market effectively and appropriately to those needing assistance with Separation, Divorce and Child Arrangements.

Thanks for hanging in there with us and watch this space…