Hello, my name is Ben, I am 16 years old and attend Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School in Sutton Coldfield.

Prior to my week’s placement at Pickfords I had worked in a law chambers where I experienced law from a barrister’s perspective. Therefore, I wanted to work at Pickfords Solicitors to develop an understanding of the differences between a solicitor and a barrister, which Pickfords has been able to show me.

Upon arrival at Pickfords I was introduced to the whole team who were very welcoming. Firstly, I scanned some residential conveyancing documents to the case management system and then used this system to do some file opening. Later on, I attended a cooperate and commercial meeting with Jas, this allowed me to develop an insight into what a solicitor has to do when a customer is buying a property, this includes the advice given and the formalities which are carried out.     

On Tuesday I carried out Anti-Money Laundering Searches with Naresh which showed me the stringent processes that need to take place. Shortly after I did a Due Diligence bundle which required me to sort a variety of documents into a folder so that they could easily be viewed by the buyer of the property. In the afternoon I generated quotes which were then sent to customers so that they could view all the details and prices of the property they were selling or purchasing.

On Wednesday I carried out Legal Research, this included finding certain laws and researching a specific case. Finding and reviewing these particular laws enabled me to establish why these laws were passed and how they have been updated over time. In the afternoon I transferred a hand-written document onto Microsoft Word so that it could be electronically viewed and was more accessible.

On Thursday I did another Due Diligence bundle however this time the bundle was from the point of the seller. Therefore, I could compare the differences between the documents required from a buyer’s perspective and a seller’s perspective.

I thoroughly enjoyed my week at Pickfords and particularly liked the cooperate and commercial meeting with Jas. Over the course of this week I have gathered lots of information on the different avenues that can be taken in Law which has increased my interest in the profession. I would like to say thank you to the whole team at Pickfords for welcoming me and making this week an enjoyable and useful experience.