Hello, my name is Eliane I am aged 14 and I attend Sexey’s school in Somerset.

Before I started my week at Pickfords I knew that I wanted to become a barrister specialising in either criminal or human rights law, so I was very excited when I got the chance to experience what life was like working in a solicitor’s office for a week.

This was my first time being in an office environment, so I was apprehensive at first but as soon as Sinead introduced me to everyone I felt fine. The team was welcoming and friendly and everything I needed to know was explained. I started off doing some file opening and scanning. Later, I was shown how to use a website called Canva where feedback is typed up to be put on social media.

The next day I carried on with some scanning, but I also got to sit in on a meeting with Jas and a customer. It was very interesting to be able to listen to what sort of questions are asked and the different things that you need to consider whilst buying and selling a business.

On Wednesday I got the chance to go to another meeting but this time outside of the office with Sinead. We went to a Financial Services Business and had a meeting with one of their accountants. Sinead told me that meetings like these are imperative to a business’ success as they help to forge relationships with other companies that can potentially bring in new customers. Later on, Naresh a trainee solicitor explained some different routes to qualification. I also reviewed a residential conveyancing folder with Amdad, in this case the customer was selling a leasehold property.

On Thursday Sinead took me into the board room and we did a role play interview. I pretended to apply for a role as a head of department criminal solicitor. She told me that at different points in my career employers will focus on different parts of my CV. I enjoyed this because I also found out about different qualifications I will need when I am older and found out about what employers look for in potential employees. Towards the end of the day Naresh explained the process of buying and selling shares and the documents involved. Then, Sinead pretended to be a customer selling her shares and I had to complete and fill out the forms that would be involved.

Looking back on my week at Pickfords my favourite part was being able to sit in on meetings and have a look at different case files. This experience has made my interest in law even bigger and has made me even more determined to peruse my dream career as a barrister. I am very grateful that Pickfords offered me this opportunity and were so welcoming and friendly towards me. I would defiantly be interested to come back again.

Once again, I'd like to say thank you to the team at Pickfords!