My name is Elizabeth Beesley and I am a Lower 6th form student at Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School.

As part of my ongoing studies at Bishop Vesey Grammar School I undertake an enrichment at Pickford Solicitors which I started in November 2018.

I have read through several contracts, leases and documentation relating to property law. This has provided me with a clear insight into the several issues which may arise when buying and selling a property, varying from Nursery Schools to personal properties.

Pickford Solicitors specialises in Nursery Transactions, so I have seen a real insight in to the legal time line for selling and purchasing a nursey school. Including due diligence, documents received from a seller and in response to questions raised by a purchaser, especially to establish its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential-in addition to reviewing how to approach 8-100+ pages of inquiries. This has taught me to be tactful, wise and efficient when examining a specific case.

I have had the opportunity to be present throughout customers meetings. I have learnt about indemnity polices, which are the security against or exemption from legal liability for one’s actions, and I also understood how to approach and deal with customers from a more personal perspective when being a solicitor.

Since a very young age, I have wanted to work in the legal sector, Pickford Solicitors are a very proactive business offering work experience and placements.  They offer a very warm and friendly environment which enables you to want to learn and ask questions, to help improve my legal knowledge. Conveniently, Pickford’s are next door to my school. In addition to this, Pickford’s Solicitors is a very modern business, different to others. For instance, it is not obligatory for customers to meet face to face when dealing with enquiries unless the customer wants a face to face meeting.

Each week there has been something new for me to do.

What I have learnt?

I have known that I wanted to enter the legal sector from a young age, as I aspire to qualify as a solicitor. In order to this I need to gain further experience within the legal sector as different areas of law require a different approach.

My intention is to begin a career in law, with the UK first, using my my linguistic potencies within Spanish and French, eventually qualify as a solicitor in those jurisdictions too.  

Thank you for reading my story.