As Father’s Day approaches, is it worth considering how the arrangements for your children are working following separation?  After all, throughout the year there are many important events and occasions that we will want to enjoy celebrating and sharing with our children.   It can soon become rather tricky to agree on all those arrangements.


Separation is often a painful, incredibly emotional process and when children are involved it is important to get things right for the children to safeguard their wellbeing at all costs.

The starting point is that the children of the family have the right to maintain a relationship with both parents following separation, if it is safe for them to do so.  The welfare of the children is the paramount concern when considering what the arrangements should be.

There can be many issues to consider depending on your circumstances which will include where the children will live, what time the children will spend with each parent, where they will go to school, decisions about medical treatment, when and where they will travel for holidays and so on.

If there is no risk of harm to the children as a result of the arrangements being made for them, it is important, if you are able to do so, to work together as best you can to achieve a routine that will work well , long term, in the best interest of the children.  After all you know your children better than anyone and it is you that is best placed, together with the other parent, to make the important decisions for the children.

Sadly, it is not always that easy and it is not uncommon for conflict to arise around sensitive issues following the breakdown of relationships.  There are options to help you reach an outcome that best suits your children’s needs.

I have seen much success in negotiating arrangements for children where necessary and in making relevant applications to the Court to decide the arrangements for the children when it has become necessary to do so.  I will advise on arrangements that may best suit the family.  


I can assist you with a referral to Mediation, this is a structured process whereby a neutral third party will assist in resolving disputes through negotiation and communication.  It is compulsory for parents to attend mediation in relation to child arrangements before being able to apply to Court.  It is important to explore whether mediation is appropriate and workable for your family, the idea being that litigation might be avoided for your family where possible.  

As an experienced family solicitor, I have seen much success and pride myself on my highly effective negotiation skills. 

I offer a personal and time efficient service and I am known for my sensitive and down to earth approach.

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