As a second year University LLB Law student, I came to Pickford Solicitors looking to gain some understanding of how the legal profession operates in the real world and how this fits with the law I am exposed to in my studies. To my surprise I found little overlap between the real and academic worlds of law. However I found both sides fascinating. Pickford Solicitors has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of how the law in action, uses systematic processes and logical procedures to ensure that a client benefits from all the rights the law affords him or her.

In my first week I found much of my work was to process information onto standardised template forms that isolated the relevant facts. This task taught me the need to filter data to extract the relevant information required to ensure accuracy in the clients legal transactions.

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In my second week I was given an opportunity to sit in and observe a family law client meeting. This proved to be an interesting experience. The family law specialist solicitor, after discussing the client’s circumstances and intentions, walked them through a variety of options regarding how best to begin divorce proceedings, and the reasons why an amicable divorce settlement would be the most beneficial way forward to all concerned. 

Throughout my time at Pickford Solicitors I also learnt about their in-house staff well-being strategy. I was impressed by their commitment to employee welfare, and their forward thinking approach to motivating their legal teams. I was also given hands on experience of a formal interview by the senior partner, Jas Singh, who then took the time to give me very useful feedback on my interview skills. 

I feel I have learnt a great deal during my time at Pickford Solicitors, and am very grateful to everyone for making me feel welcome and for exposing me to a number of different areas of the law in practice.